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  1. Man braucht sich auch nur den Wortmüll durchzulesen, den J. Fischer da in seinem ersten “Beitrag” (aka. Zweitverwertung von Interviewfetzen und O-Tönen) zum besten gegeben hat: Parolen, Worthülsen, heiße Luft!Konzepte? Feznnnzeige!Diskussiolsaasäthe? Doch nicht bei König Joschka!

  2. iosonointerista scrive:  iosonointerista: Il professionista esemplare Nagatomo, dopotutto, l’abbiamo preso a 24 anni dal Cesena…senza dimenticare che fino all’anno scorso era profusamente bollato come “insulto al gioco del calcio” …o avete la memoria corta ???

  3. Our hometown is like a bubble of phobias. Good to see that allthough apparently the tard-demic is not contained within the confines of this town you’re doing what feels right for you…you seemed not to give one shit what people thought about you in highschool and it was always an admirable quality. I’m sure there will always be situations that are uncomfortable especially while you make the transition but just know if its a He you want to be, then a HE you are to me. …hope people start getting it right soon.

  4. it appears the deck was stacked against the program’s success, and asked the regulators to reconsider their decision.To recap: 1. Dems (which include Chuckie) advocate for elimination of private debt collection because (a) it’s private,(b) PDC targets their demographic, and (c) it was a Bush program. 2. Dems (including Chuckie) win in November and promptly keep promise to kill program. 3. Chuckie (the dem) cries for 90 lost jobs in his district and says program was never given a chance.Chuckie gets the perfecta if he can find a way to blame it on Bush.

  5. Miss Geninne –I am so excited at how successful you've been with your art/passion. I see these posh books all over the place and often want to buy them just for their pretty covers. I can't believe I know of one of the people who CREATES these beauties!Thanks for your blog, it is always a pleasure to read.

  6. então que solução vc daria para diminuir as emições de gas poluentes provindo principalmente do petroleo e seus derivados. Não estou lhe criticando apenas fiquei curiosa com o assunto já que estudo meio ambiente.me envie uma resposta e se possivel noticias sempre ao meu e-mail

  7. "Tujuan kerajaan naikkan harga gula adalah untuk mengurangkan kencing manis di kalangan rakyat Malaysia…" demikian kata seorang menteri UMporNO yang bijak pandai."Betul tu… kerajaan kita memang bijak mengurus negara" kata seorang penyokong UMporNO."Kalau harga minyak naik, kita hendaklah berjimat cermat contohnya menggunakan kenderaan awam atau menaiki basikal ke pejabat." Kata seorang menteri UMNO sambil melambai-lambai tangan daripada Mercedes Benznya.

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  9. Thanks, Roger. Yes, I made that point in the post. Does that mean you reinsert the meal, tearing apart the current four-fold shape to replicate the original seven-fold shape? Does it mean you recline, and other mimicking of the Last Supper? Does it mean we can eat and drink in “consecrated buildings” now? Why do we consecrate them? Should we, following the Last Supper, not consecrate our buildings; not have a nave, chancel, sanctuary? Blessings.

  10. Vattenfall! Als ich am 15. September mit der Afghanistan-Demo irgendwo durch Berlin latschte, fiel mir eine riesige Häuserwand mit einem riesigen Werbebild auf: “Vattenfall restauriert das Humboldt-Museum” oder so ähnlich (kann auch ein anderes Museum gewesen sein, ich kenn mich da nicht aus). Mitlatscher und ich sagten: die haben überhaupt keine Scham.Jedenfalls scheint Vattenfall in Berlin besonders dick drin zu sitzen, oder?

  11. Scrive Ritaroma : ” non sei mica obbligato a credere alla vita eterna…Quando sarà il momento si vedrà…perchè accapigliarsi ora,…basta aspettare!”Risponde Meis : lo vada a dire a tutti quelli che, giorno dopo giorno, predicano da tutti gli altari per forgiare le anime alle loro convinzioni ed alle loro utilità : perchè predicare? Basta aspettare!

  12. Another point: species and taxonomy are a mess but there are conceptual underpinnings for each species concept. These have consequences. There are also consequences for collaborators who don't have the same species concept in mind when they approach data analysis and presentation – negative consequences.

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  14. Thanks for the comments guys. What I will say about D-Will is that he does seem to be more poised and under control when he gets to the basket. He just needs to take that next step of awareness and savvy that Adelman described in order to start finishing consistently. And Aaron, every team, regardless of system, needs a player who can attack the basket and create shots for himself. It would be amazing if D-Will could be that.

  15. Fred, Thank you for the report.You have to admit that at least there will be a race in November.The voters who really want some change, may have a chance to get some.For too long the people in NJ have been brainwashed into thinking that they “old way” is the only way.That may not be so anymore.Did you see in PA, where Gov Randell is talking about doing some new things in his budget.Our leaders down in Trenton should take some notes!

  16. خیر مشکلی ندارد امیدوارم قبل از اکسپایر شدن سی اس کیو شما ویرا دریافت کنید والبته اگر اکسپایر شد باید دوباره مکاتبه کنید مثل دوستان دیگر که دوباره برای شما سی اس کیو با تاریخ معتبر بفرستند

  17. My meter for stupidity must be nearing recalibration; my first thought was how instead of gauging Britain's latest step along the plank.I was worried about that needle snapping into the redline stop so often.

  18. I agree with your sentiment, although I am not Jewish and some of your analogies are lost on me. But I fear you might as profitably address a brick wall as this administration, though. The new pharaoh has seen which side of the bread is buttered, and has chosen sides. All his moral pontifications are nothing more than absolute hypocrisy, but Israel has offered itself as a convenient punching bag. C'est la vie.

  19. Ive been looking for a post like this for weeks,can you help point me in the direction where you bought your sewing machine?I’m learning how to sew on my own (recalling old sewing classes and online tutorials) but making most of them by hand.

  20. Sim já vi que tem…aliás tive teste de filosofia aqui há uns dias e não tinha apontamentos sobre Senso Comum e conhecimento cientifico e o blogue deu-me muito jeito. É autêntico serviço público!

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  22. This an embarrassment; the state’s chief executive can’t coordinate a vacation schedule with his lt governor.Snooki and the organized crime stenotype used to give the state a bad name but they now should step aside and make way for the fallen rock star governor

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  24. #103Yeah, you are right. As I get older I care so much less about buying things and spending money. The only thing I really want is the time to travel and visit people and the funds to do so. Once my child is done with college the money I am not spending on him is going into paying off my mortgage and not into buying “things”. It’s kind of freeing not to own lots of new toys, which require shopping and maintenance, etc.

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  26. democratizing organizations definitely sounds like a good idea. this requires broad (both topic and society wise) education in alternative modes of organization; that is, alternative modes of relating/connecting the different pieces of organizations/society. that’s far too subversive a topic to be spread by today’s entrenched power structures. Although, subversive ideas have been known to spread in the past…

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  28. Hello Mr. Perry, Agreed, but keeping people away from heroin was never the intention of the reformulation – it was get them off Oxycontin – so it was successful in its intention…no? (I've gone without coffee this a.m., so maybe I'm missin g it)

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  31. Jeg mÃ¥ bare si meg helt enig med elizabeth. Jeg er innom bloggen din sÃ¥ og si daglig – og synes du er fantastisk god til Ã¥ skrive! Morsomt, ærlig, tankefullt, osv… Blir nok til at jeg følger deg, ja! God helg til deg og dine 🙂

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  35. Brilliant.Yes these house are dangerous to WORLD PEACE. We must –immediately –assemble the League of Nations, in Tehran to address this milliant and world shattering issue. How is it possible that on the PEACE-FULL PLANET EARTH, those milliant and dangerous Jews dare build houses in their Sovereign country. (and I bet –soon–that they will even put furniture in these house.—what an affront to world peace.).Steve in Jerusalem

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  39. before, forumites have no right to free speech but part of good housekeeping is not reminding your members of this fact.That said, I do think a company like bioware needs to take a harder stance on this if they’d like to affect a change in the gaming community. People who think that it’s appropriate to go to the developer’s forums not to critisize, but to be racist (et al) should learn there’s no real place for them there or anywhere. Solidarity and all that.

  40. answer lies in your statement.You say:If the fact that the same individual heading an NPA unit (AFU) and SIU at the concurrently gives the impression that the SIU is reigned in under the NPA, then that is exactly one of the reasons why he is being made to choose one.I say:Again my emphasis is on a Unit previously headed by a Judge Heath(independent) under Justice is suddenly put under an employee of NPA after making unpopular comments on arms deal. This allowed to exist for 10 yrs and when somebody tries to fix it he is labelled a villain.Apology no longer required.

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  46. Hi there!Yeah, I basically had a huge breakdown on Saturday night of Writercon, so if you saw me then or anytime Sunday that’s probably the vibe you were picking up on. I’m sorry it meant that we couldn’t talk more, but I appreciate that you noticed the vibe and erred on the side of giving me breathing room. If it was during the times I’m thinking of, I probably wouldn’t have been very good company. Just as well I didn’t get the chance to ruin any good impressions you had of me.

  47. "Thanks for also confirming that it was the liberals who separated the children from their fathers in order to get the welfare benefits."I actually can't argue with this assertion. I've been whining about it for years.However, since I've never been on welfare and since I've been there for my own kids since Day One, and since my kids achievements far out distance the national average (and even the national above average), I'll assume you aren't talking about ME, here.

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  56. Matt: I must say your writing is amongst the best I have come across across different football blogs. And I must compliment you on taking a very calm view on the game, when the entire blue community felt like killing Clattenburg the other night. You are right, hope we get our lucky breaks in the season:):) Shakhtar at home could be a great night for that to begin with. KTBFFH!!Reply

  57. We have socialized insurance on the coasts because the people's representatives in these areas lobby the government to provide below cost insurance. Private insurers have beening pull out of these markets because of the rates set by state insurance commissioners that are based on politics and not risk.

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  64. Very interesting article! Just one small correction: the Tu-144 is not flying anymore, for 10 years already. In 1998-1999 one was adapted to be a flying laboratory (LL in Russian), used in high-speed test flights in a joint program by NASA, Boeing and Tupolev, to develop a new-generation Supersonic Transport (SST). But the American partners came to the conclusion that the SSTs were not feasible economically, and dropped from the project.

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  68. Cool, another person who likes CCM/pop/rock!Yeah, Meredith Andrews is one of my favourite worship artists, also along with Tim Hughes, Paul Baloche and Chris Tomlin. ‘The Invitation’ is one of my favourite worship records of all time.It’s a pity that you can only bring 5 to the island (because I have so many favourites)!Read your list before, nice mix of rock/dance/instrumental. I also forgot about Michael W. Smith’s ‘Freedom’. Great album!

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  74. This is just too strange. When I was reading your post on my blogroll, somehow WordPress put up all my pictures, not yours. I thought, what, did this guy stop by my house on the way to Mt. Lacomte and take picures of the dogs and kids (I live in Knoxville). It was surreal! No I see the pix. I am glad I did. Beautiful. Gotta find someone to do that climb with sometime.

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  233. Hey Mark – Glad you enjoyed the article! Icons can be tricky to understand and design. Someone might say that an icon has an obvious meaning, but that is just one case. How each person interprets an icon is factor of context, culture, and past interactions. The same goes for how long it takes to “catch on”. Keeping icons and their referents consistent across all web and mobile interfaces, will hopefully help with the catching on part.And, thanks for the editor’s eye. The grammatical blunder should be fixed

  234. Rachel,I notice that the API scores, like many of the measures of achievement, break out results by various factors that include ethnicity, language, SES, etc. I don’t recall seeing such breakouts by gender. Is there any concern on the board about the very well-documented gender gap in math and science, evident beginning in middle school? Or is the scale of this problem not large or dire enough compared to other gaps the district is addressing?Thanks!