Changement d’horaires

rentrée en fetes 2012


Grâce à la journée rentrée en fêtes, à la distribution de flyers et au bouche à oreilles, les derniers entraînenments ont remporté un franc succès. Une vingtaine de participant(e)s Mercredi dernier avec pas moins de 10 débutant(e)s démontre que le club met vraiment les moyens pour se développer au sein de l’agglomération Orléanaise.


L’entraînement du mercredi pour les loisirs et débutants débute désormais à 19h30 et se finit à 21h00. Le lieu reste inchangé : gymnase Cathelineau à LA SOURCE.


L’entraînement féminin débute officiellement ce Jeudi au gymnase de la Vanoise à OLIVET de 20h00 à 22h00.


L’entraînement compétition du Vendredi reste inchangé.


Pour tous renseignements, vous pouvez contacter Jean-Hugues au 06 70 67 54 76

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  17. As a Socialist, we should all be working towards a true classless society whereby everyone is respected equally for who they are and what they do. Social mobility should be about enabling people to aspire to whatever it is that want out of life. Class should play no part. The moment it does, it is by definition restrictive.

  18. my husband Peter went to the Longford in the first week it opened…It was for children that didi’nt have a father. In he went with a orange and a bag of sweets,all free and had a wonderful time…as he remembers the Lord Mayer was also their…..I spent my childhood and teenage years their,I remember the double seats in the cinema very well…. I hope it re-opens as a cinema,as people these days all seem to go to the pictures and love it like we did…Oh the memories ! ! ! ! regards Rita Diggle..Bowdon..Altrincham..

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  21. Love it! Especially the thorough instructions for each project. I was shocked to see how much content you'd all pulled together – amazing. I'd love some reviews/interviews with people committed to using organic fabrics for their lines in future. I agree with above, the yellow font on white background was a tough read (minor detail, tho). FQly is an impressive feat – way to go!!!

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  25. , it’s not arrogance. It’s just resolve. My husband says that whatever you feed lives, and whatever you stave dies. So start starving unrealistic expectations you have for yourself, and the ones other people have for you. Don’t feed them. Not even a little bit, or they’ll keep coming back. Does that make sense?

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  30. I love it! What a blessing it is for you to come to terms with what your passion is! Some times, it's so hard to pinpoint and just because you do something well doesn't necessarily make it your "passion." If nothing else, I've learned that recently.Keep writing my dear friend! I love reading it all.

  31. He’s not from UK. He’s from California, USA AND got his education in California I’m getting tired of these UK dudes trying to take credit for R* developers and then say some of the dumbest things like “GTA is a UK game” The majority of Rockstar developers including Rockstar North is American. The damn founders even been living in America since the 1980′s and picked up the culture and accents and love it here more than there.

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  43. You are welcome Annie. Know some folks have turned off to the MSM totally. Not me. Really want to know what they are and are not covering.Annie thank you and the Mondo team for all of the work you folks do for peace and JUSTICE

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  49. in response to me making some pro-White comments, and I quote:“Your ancestors will be brown.It’s over.” – Lockeford #1–Hmm, interesting that the Hajjies said ‘your ancestors’ (past tense) rather than your descendents — which would be the correct (future tense) term.So much for ‘smart Hindoos’ ;}

  50. Also Dale seems to be making a point to not comment on anything having to do with the old morning show or any “future” plans he may have so anything we might suggest is just throwing stuff out into the ether with an unknown effect…

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